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10 home office setups that inspire productivity

May 6, 2022

13 min


Creative home office designs that boost your excitement to accomplish your to-do list.

The work environment has played an essential role in one’s productivity. Your boss, your colleague, your work area–all these constitute the idea of a work environment. However, that’s not the case when someone works from home. The work environment is different. The boss and colleague may not be around, and the “only” work environment that could impact the person’s productivity (in terms of work environment) is the workspace–the home office. If the design of the home office is not carefully thought out, one’s ability to focus and produce efficient outputs may be affected negatively. To help prevent the negative impact from happening,  Parasol Properties gathered 10 modern office setups that can induce a work-friendly atmosphere at home. From “The Executive’s pad” to “Bohemian-inspired balcony office,” we guarantee that all these setups will boost one’s productivity and, hopefully, a bit of one's quality of life.

1. The Executive’s pad

Intensify your daily motivation to achieve your KPIs by reimagining your workspace with this expansive home office design from Cattelan Italia. The sophisticated desk, known as Nasdaq Keramik, is a Paolo Cattelan creation that intends to break the traditional scheme of the desk through the use of innovative materials and the intersection of tops and solid.  

Photo: Cattelan Italia

2. Space-saving workspace

Open shelvings are always a great way to save space. The home office design above kept all the resources accessible in a fairly organized shelve that took less than two yards of the owner’s workspace. This type of setup can help clear one’s mind, focusing only on whatever goal needs to be done for a day. To shop this look, you may Elizabeth Hansen’s creation in Ethan Allen’s shop. You may also visit one of their store in Tampa, FL to see more designs for yourself.

Photo: Cha Loves Cafe/IG

3. Home office with your home buddies

Having someone beside you while working doesn’t always result in low-quality work performance. Being with your home buddies does not always lead to distraction. In fact, they can become your source of motivation and inspiration, especially when you’re pressured and stressed. 

If you have a spare room, try this Clark and Co. Homes set up. Using a U-shaped or an L-shaped table is an excellent way to achieve this. If you’re a homeowner from Tampa, the closest you can visit to get an L-table would be at West Elm in S Village Circle. 

Photo: Home Office Inspiration/IG

4. Gamer’s crib-inspired

Having a gamer-inspired setup, especially when working in a close, or highly-related industry can help boost your creativity. The RGBIC strips and the overall vibe of a gamer's room can help bring virtual realities into life which in turn increases the capacity of the owner to create and think beyond the four corners of the room.

Photo: PhazerOnest/IG

5. Neoclassical-inspired workspace/bedroom

One of the “best” perks of WFH is having the opportunity to rest comfortably without worrying about someone invading your privacy during break time. And If you’re one of the few blessed people with a flexible work schedule, you can even rest your mind anytime–as needed. 

Short naps can make one more productive, The opportunities to do these things are really helpful in attaining one’s goal effectively. If you have the chance to do so, set your home office beside your bed. Make it even lovely by setting up a neo-classical inspired workspace like the set-up above. 

Photo: @designer_aytan/IG

6. Simple yet complete

A simple home office setup with everything you need–your PC, desk, ergonomic chair, files, and couch. If you’re into functions rather than form, this simple, quiet, and bright workspace can help you nail your day. 

Photo: Und.elva/IG

7. Mid-century inspired workspace

Looking up to someone successful and incorporating their influences in your workplace at home may also help you stay motivated and productive. For example, interior designers who admire successful midcentury designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Jean Prouvé, Harry Bertoia, Arne Jacobsen, and George Nelson can set up a home office that employs midcentury furniture like the one above. This helps them be reminded of their goals constantly.

Photo: Matilda Margareta/IG; Design by: Shawn Henderson

8. Tranquil vibes

Nothing beats the productivity of someone whose mind is clear and at peace. To achieve that, get yourself a place where you can be relaxed and inspired. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far. Your room can be your haven. Try to remodel it with ivory, cream, or white accent furniture and use Hours in Place’s design as your inspiration for setup. See how this type of home office can help you work better by letting you experience a warm and soothing atmosphere right in the comfort of your home.

Photo: Hours in Place/IG

9. Contemporary loft office

Biophilic designs promote mental and physical well-being. Things we ultimately need to get a task done. But how can you reconcile this fact with your love for modern aesthetics without compromising the style of your home office setup? 

In 2019, some designers at the CASACOR exhibition in the Rio Grande presented a cozy home office setup that incorporated modern furniture and biophilic design. The furniture: Flow table by QuadriArq studio, Angela chair by Aristeu Pires, and the lighting pieces Penn and Memory by Jader Almeida.

Photo: CASACOR Sustentável/IG

10. Bohemian-inspired balcony 

Bohemian-inspired setups are warm and cozy, while the vibes that most homes’ balconies give are lovely. If you have felt the same way too, do you think combining this two will produce an incredible workplace atmosphere for you?

If you do and have the abundance of freedom to work flexibly, why don’t you remake Mishys Arrtsy Home's boho-inspired design in your office, particularly on your balcony? Get the look by simply installing warm lights, cozy couches, soft pillows, fabulous embellishments, and biophilic elements to make the design more lively. 

When a Bohemian-inspired design is perfectly set up on a balcony with a fresh and peaceful environment, it can constantly stimulate a person’s creativity and helps one to focus on things that matter.

–Like productivity. 

Photo: Mansmita/IG

This article was last updated on Aug 8, 2022