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Service Locations: We Build Homes in these Locations

    Safety Harbor

    Safety Harbor is very family-oriented place to live. The downtown area is absolutely charming. Even more, there is a real sense of community pride here.


    Dunedin is considered “a great small city” due to it’s grand state parks, the beach bars, and the outdoor restaurants.


    The third-largest city in Florida, best known for its wonderful places and is currently hailed as the economic center of the state's West Coast.

    Tampa Bay

    Tampa is a true gem because of the beautiful nature all around, a bustling city center, ethnic diversity, and some of the world’s nicest residents.


    Known for the amenities, schools and weather, Lutz certainly is a smart choice for families who want that distinct charm of small town living.


    Living in the Clearwater area is like being on vacation all year! Consequently, the white sand beaches is why it feels that way.

    Tarpon Springs

    With 51 miles of waterfront allure and a rich historic culture, Tarpon Springs is a very lively and inviting place to live.