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3 Tips in Choosing the Right Window Wall for Your Custom Home

Jun 3, 2022

11 mins


In a place where you can access the beautiful sunlight, know what type of window can be best paired with your home to maximize the view.

Photo: Uniquely Yours Interiors of Tampa/Pinterest

Known for being one of Florida's states with the longest coastline, the presence of homes with contemporary coastal styles in Tampa Bay cannot be questioned anymore. These homes feature large, floor-to-ceiling windows, which most single family dwellers love as these window walls provide unobstructed views of sunrise and sunset from beautiful Gulf coast beaches. In nearby areas which do not have access to the view of beaches, custom homes with window walls, on the other hand, bring in loads of natural light and provide a greater connection with nature without compromising indoor comfort. Because of these benefits, the number of home buyers who prefer window walls for their custom homes has grown significantly over the past years. Considering these changes, we at Parasol Properties prepared three tips that homeowners can review in order to choose the right window wall for their custom home in Tampa Bay. 

1. Determine the best material to use based on your climate. 

Since Tampa has a humid subtropical climate, the material for window walls does not require some specialty, unlike those areas that experience extreme weather conditions. However, if you want to make sure you get the best for your custom home, the brand, WindowWall (Tampa) offers different types of windows based on your preferences–Specialty window, Hurricane Impact Window, and Energy Efficient Window, to name just a few. They even offer a window that can weather the storm.  

2. Inspect the features of the glass wall

Once you know the type of glass window to install, the next step is to inspect its accessories–the threshold and the hardware and finishes. 


A flush threshold is usually the most recommended threshold for glass wall systems because of its seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor or from room to room. It cannot only provide a smooth indoor-outdoor experience, but most importantly, it could protect your custom home from external and uncontrollable particles that may enter.  

In cases where flush thresholds are not available, simply make sure to choose a weather-resistant threshold for protection, especially during unprecedented typhoons. Get the advice of your contractor or your most trusted glass wall supplier for more tips. 

Hardware and finishes

Aside from the threshold, another feature that should be considered is the hardware and finishes that will be installed on your window wall. Take note that aesthetics are not the only thing to consider but the long-term functionality of every feature that makes up your window wall. 

Always test the durability of the hardware and finishes and the availability of it in the market in case it was destroyed unexpectedly. 

3. Review how you want your custom home to be set up

Once you identify the material that you think will be best for your window wall and inspect its features, the last thing you need to do is review the room layout. 

Will there be furniture or appliances beside the window wall?

These are very important so you can avoid unnecessary home setup revision, especially when you're planning to put a glass door beside your window wall, particularly the folding doors, because it may require you to completely take out any furniture near it as they may obstruct or get in the way of the folding door. To prevent this problem in the future, review your setup now, or else, you may want to adjust the type of door you'll buy so the home setup you have in mind will not be compromised.

This article was last updated on Dec 6, 2022