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4 reasons why a blonde wood flooring is good for your custom home

Jul 1, 2022

13 min


Blonde woods are back and they are probably back for good.


Some minutes have passed since midnight. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw a post that hit me hard–the video of a man’s encounter with his younger self who used to dream about his college graduation four years ago. The man in his black toga smiled at his 2018 self while One Direction’s “just how fast the night changes” was played in the background. 

Things happened so fast, not just to the young man but to all of us. 

Adulting hits us really hard. Instead of celebrating simple successes, we celebrate significant milestones–a friend’s wedding, pregnancy, business or promotion, and many more. These celebrations often draw us to come together in one place where we hold parties and surprises. That “one place” could sometimes refer to a newly built condominium or nearby private resort that looks modern and clean. While decorated differently, these places seem to have some similarities; one of them is their blonde wood flooring. "Blonde wood floors" simply refers to light-colored wood floors. Nowadays, the usage of these type of wood floors are not only limited to condominiums and room resorts; a lot of custom homes constructed in the previous years were also built with blonde wood floorings too. This type of flooring is a popular pick among homeowners and interior designers because it has many advantages–which you may find suitable for your custom home too. To find out if it does, read on to know the 4 reasons why blonde wood flooring is good for your single family home.

1. It makes custom home spaces appear bigger. 

The lighter end of the color spectrum helps create an illusion of a larger space. Since blonde is part of it, opting for wood flooring with this color can instantly make your custom home space appear bigger. Its impact will even be effective when you opt for larger planks.

Photo:  Through the Woods Fine Wood Floors, Inc. (Tampa, FL)/IG

2. It complements various home styles.

Photo: Flooring America (Dunedin)/IG

Whether you want your home to be embellished with a rustic style, chic, contemporary, Scandinavian, or farmhouse style, blonde wood flooring can match all of them effortlessly. It also fits well with custom homes with open floor plans too. The light and airy feeling that homeowners with open floor plans enjoy are heavily influenced by their blonde wood flooring. 

Blonde wood flooring also looks good with any paint color and different types of decoration because it works like a blank canvas. Depending on what you want to achieve for your custom home, a blonde wood flooring may bring a cooler vibe, especially when paired with blues and grays. Meanwhile, if you want your flooring to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere matched it with cream or earth-tone palettes.  

3. It is easy to maintain.

Photo: Paradise Flooring Solutions (Clearwater)/IG

We always want to ensure our homes are always clean to make them look presentable and keep all our households safe and healthy. However, there will be times when you will get so busy preventing you from cleaning your house. This could be frustrating, especially when you see dust and dirt everywhere. To lower the chance of this problem from occurring, use blonde wood flooring in case you’re planning to build or renovate your custom home. Its light tone keeps dust and dirt from being seen by our naked eye. With blonde wood flooring, you won’t have to spend as much time mopping, dusting, and vacuuming your floors.

4. It can increase your home’s value. 

Blonde wood flooring can help increase a home’s value. Based on reports, hardwood floors can increase a home value by 3-5%. Others even say that hardwood yields as high as 75% as a return on investment. If you’re someone who plans to sell your house in the future or renovate it for selling purposes, installing hardwood floors, particularly blonde wood, can make your goal easier to achieve, especially now that they have been in demand. What’s more interesting is that some experts even believed that blonde wood flooring would thrive in the years to come. 

Photo: LL Flooring Solutions (Lutz)/IG

Now that we have shared some good points about blonde wood flooring, do you think they are worth having in your custom home?

We hope you do. 

Blonde wood floorings do a lot. It makes your custom home spaces appear bigger, complements whatever home style you have in mind, keeps you from cleaning from time to time, and contributes a lot to increase your home’s value. Aside from these reasons, you can probably discover more. 

Enjoy all these benefits by replacing your current flooring with blonde wood if you don’t have one. It is cost-effective, especially when you want a brighter look for your custom home. It can also be done quickly and efficiently, depending on your home's size and the team you will be working with. Here are samples from Capella

Notice how every area, particularly the most complicated spaces, was done–evenly distributed, gap-free and smooth. When the client saw the finished work, they were delighted and commended our construction manager for doing the job fast and efficiently.

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