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6 Stunning Kitchen Backsplash to see before 2022 ends

Dec 6, 2022

6 min


Let's talk about a particular kitchen furnishing that most moms spend a lot of time in but don't think about too much.


Photo: AGS Stone Tampa/IG


The backsplash in your kitchen is important for many reasons. Whether you want to add a unique personality to your kitchen or create a clean and organized look, there are plenty of options to choose from. You could use tile, paint an accent wall, or decide on a mosaic glass backsplash. A tile is an excellent option for kitchen backsplash because it’s easy to clean and comes with a lot of options. However, you must be careful with the style of tiles you choose so that it will not contrast the overall look of your kitchen. Aside from tiles, there are many other materials you can choose from, and we will share some of the kitchen backsplashes you can take a look at before this year ends.

Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal tiles make a good kitchen backsplash, and the variety of designs in the market means it is easy to find one that will suit your interior preferences. The hexagonal tiles above have a beautiful design and were integrated as a backsplash. The result was an incredibly appealing and sophisticated design that looked great.

Photo: Malin’s Home Edit/IG

The Stone Age

Natural stones are not typically used as kitchen backsplashes because maintaining them can be challenging. Someone who wants natural stone backsplash tiles in their kitchen would need to lay them carefully and even do some repairs occasionally. Although this might take a lot of work and careful design, it should be worth it. This back-splash by House of Jade is one example of how this can be done. It mixes the blue and green cabinets with the brass furnishings perfectly.

This backsplash is an amazing choice if you want your home to be eco-friendly. 

Photo: Lindsay Salazar Photography/IG

Marble Backsplashes

Marble backsplashes were found to be the most popular type of backsplash for homeowners in a new report. Last year’s number one, natural stone, is still famous, but marble tops it. Among its kinds, Marble Carrara has been one of the favorites. Making a backsplash out of it automatically beautifies one’s kitchen because of its elegant features. Lichelle Silvestry’s creation above is one of the best examples of how marble exemplifies luxury and sophistication. 

Photo: Heidi Jean Feldman via Lichelle Silvestry Interiors/IG

Statement Backsplash

Statements slabs like the one above are another hot pick. The bold, magenta-colored veins of the marble fit perfectly with this kitchen's dark brown walls and cabinets. The backsplash, which was supposed to be simple, turned out to be fantastic, making this kitchen stunning.

Photo: Decorative Materials/IG

Slab Extension of Countertop

Would you like to make your kitchen more seamless? 

You may want to consider using the same materials for your backsplash as your countertop. To do this right, you must attach the countertop or kitchen island to your backslash. Another consideration you have to consider would be the cost of having them in your kitchen. Incorporating this type of backsplash material could be more expensive than most options, so you should expect it to cost more. It will be worth it in the long run, though. This type of backsplash has a style that can change the appearance of the space. It makes it look less like a kitchen while retaining some definite kitchen elements. This is something many homeowners find appealing and opt for when remodeling their old kitchens to luxurious-looking ones.

Photo: AGS Stone Tampa/IG

Sky-high Backsplash

Last is the sky-high backsplash. We often only place it between the countertop and cabinets, but with the constantly changing trend, more people are now leaning towards a braver and bolder kitchen look. If you're planning a backsplash, one thing to consider is the color of your molding, cabinets, and drawers. You can use any material you want- just make sure it fits the look of your kitchen.

Photo: AGS Stone Tampa/IG

Final Thought

It is important to have all the elements in place to create a beautiful kitchen. In the past, backsplashes would only be found in isolated sections of a kitchen, but now we can find them around entire cooktops and line worktops with intelligent designs. And now that they occupy more spaces, their overall appeal should be considered.

How would you like it to be done if you were given a chance to change yours?

Will you have some stones installed, or will you stick with the all-time crowd-favorite marble? Will you explore new trends? Or, have your countertop marble extended as your backsplash. Planning, designing, and furnishing our homes and kitchens can be as exciting as shopping in an arcade. Dreaming up new concepts to help make these spaces enjoyable is also something we all love to do.

Let's make this happen.

This article was last updated on Dec 7, 2023