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9 Modern Industrial Fireplace Surrounds and Cladding

Aug 16, 2022

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Good fireplace surround can protect someone but the best ones can make one’s fireplace’ stay lovelier and more memorable.


Source: Town and Country Luxury Fireplaces/IG

The fireplace has been considered to be a vital part of one’s home. Historically, they were used for cooking and heating the water for laundry, but nowadays, the function of the fireplace is often limited to heating one’s home. 

Long before smartphones existed, the charm of a fireplace used to draw a lot of people closer to each other as they gathered around it to feel the heat it emitted. As soon as they sit all together around it, whatever happens during the day will not be left unsaid. While stories were shared, everyone who stayed will feel relaxed and mesmerized not only by the memories they shared but by the pleasant crackling sound of the burning logs that soothed the atmosphere. Upon looking back, families can’t help but relive how it became a safe haven for most of them.  Fireplaces used to be the heart of one’s home, and they can still be everyone’s favorite place today. See how you can make everyone at home gather again by redesigning your fireplace using the 9 modern industrial fireplace surrounds below.

1. Wood

Furniture made of wood always looks classic in one’s custom home but is it okay to incorporate them even in fireplaces? The answer is, 


As long as the model follows the provisions required by International Residential Code (IRC) which mainly talks about the space required between the fireplace and the combustibles.

Having this wooden modern industrial fireplace surround by Town and Country Luxury Fireplaces paired with a wooden hearth and decorative pieces of rustic-themed furnishings can definitely draw every household member’s attention. Set a schedule and invite them over a cup of tea, coffee, or a glass of wine with your favorite charticurie set, and have each one share a particular story or thought they would like to share with everyone else in the family. It could be thoughts about life, friendship, hobbies, school, work, or even business matters. Sharing such things could work out each one’s relationship making it deeper and ties, stronger.

Source: Town and Country Luxury Fireplaces/IG

2. With Open & close shelvings

Incorporating cabinets on your modern industrial fireplace cladding can give it a stunning look no one would expect.

The fireplace surround and cladding by Joseph Kasbar reveal how carefully planned open shelvings can provide essence and substance to plain living room structures like the one above. 

Source: Josep Kasbar/IG

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another great option to level up your modern industrial fireplace’s surround and cladding. You’ll have a lot of designs to choose from, and they can be replaced easily without spending a lot. Upon applying the wallpaper, just make sure to overlap them by at least 1/8" of the expected size because the wall may expand or contract over time, causing the wallpaper to shrink a little.

The geometric wallpaper pattern design for the fireplace cladding above is definitely a great addition to the cozy living room. 

Source: April Cervantez/IG

4. Brick, stones, and the like.

If you think the first three options don’t fit your preference because of safety reasons, you may always go with fire-resistant modern industrial fireplace surround and cladding such as bricks, stones, and the like. These types of wall surround tend to be long-lasting and can be preserved over long periods of time. An example of this would be the d’Artagnan’s chimney from the castle of Castelmore, the home of the famous musketeer, Charles d’Artagnan. Those who have read Alexander Dumas’ novel, “The Three Musketeers” must have been familiar with d’Artagnan because his story is the inspiration behind the novel. Have a quick look at this real-life musketeer’s fireplace below.

Even after centuries, bricks and stones still have their beauty that could add more charm even to a modern industrial fireplace.

Even with brick cladding, this design by Urban concepts brought a touch of modernity that suit well with the modern industrial fireplace making the room look stylish and archaic at the same time.  

Source: Urban Concepts (Safety Harbor) /Pinterest

5. Marble or granite

Whether it be a countertop, flooring, or walls, premium stones such as marble and granite always bring these home features to a higher level of luxury. Incorporating them into your fireplace surround could result in the same thing. If you feel like gathering your household together with a more hotel-like feel, having them on your fireplace spot may help you achieve that vibe.

A white marble fireplace on the left made the baseball play watching look expensive and comfortable to the eyes.

Source: Urban Concepts (Safety Harbor) /Pinterest

6. Tiles

Whether you opt for a plain fireplace surround or a decorative one, tiles are definitely a great choice. They have a wide range of color options, designs, shapes, and materials that could help you maximize the design of your fireplace so it could bring that ultimate comfort your family member craves every time they go home.

The tiled fireplace surround has bold geometric patterns that are carried down to the hearth creating a striking statement everyone would not doubt to take a 2nd glance at as it helps them warm themselves during the extremely cold winter season. 

Tampa Bay area homes a lot of tile suppliers that can help you get the best pieces of tile for your modern industrial fireplace surrounds. Shaw floors from Clearwater offer a wide variety of tiles, so they can definitely help you get the best if you decide to cover your fireplace wall with decorative tiles.

Source:  Westboro Flooring Kingston /IG

7. Concrete

The development of the Modern Industrial Fireplace paved the way for concrete to be an excellent addition to this list. With the right paint color and setup, simple concrete can make your fireplace surround look awesome.

Designed by Urban Fireplaces, the white(left) and gray(right) concrete cladding of the modern industrial fireplaces above made the home even sleeker and inviting, making it a perfect spot for family gatherings.

Source: Urban Fireplaces/IG

8. With log compartments

Log compartments attached to a modern industrial fireplace cladding are eccentric. I’ve never two with the same version. Each has its feature, even if all logs look the same. Having that kind of unique feeling could definitely keep everyone looking for that vibe making every family member gather together every once in a while.

The neat, round, and decorative logs filled the log compartments of the modern industrial fireplace cladding above by Brick Bond Solutions. If logs are unavailable in your area, firewoods will do. If you’re from the Tampa Bay area, you can source them from Acorn Tree Service. They are located in Largo but also serve in the following areas: Clearwater, Seminole, Indians Rock Beach, Pinellas Park, and Belleair, Florida.  

TIP: If you aim to use this style as inspiration, always ensure that the logs are fully dry, clean, insect, and mold-free.

Source: Brickbondsolutions/Pinterest

9. Shiplap

Shiplap is a type of wooden board in the form of horizontal planks commonly seen as the exterior siding of the construction residences, barns, sheds, and outbuildings. It can also be seen in home interiors–as walls, flooring, ceiling, and fireplace claddings.

The modern industrial fireplace above by Madison Alcaz is painted white, while the mantel seems to have retained its original color creating a totally different and interesting fireplace look. 

Source: Madison Alcaz/IG

Final Thoughts

Began reliving the memories by making your fireplace space everyone’s favorite spot again. Renovate it to incorporate your desire to bring your family together every once in a while. Desire it to be a beautiful place where you can continue creating memories and building stronger family ties no one could ever break.

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