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Design mistakes that could make your Tampa home look dull

Jan 7, 2022

17 min


There’s something odd about your home that you can’t spot..



During the pandemic, most of us cling to interior design to ease stress. However, the designing process can sometimes be tedious and complicated, and even after all the efforts we have put in, our interior design is still not enough. It feels like something is still odd, but the problem is we can't spot it right away. Because of this, designing only piles up with the previous burdens we hope we'll temporarily forget. We know how frustrating this was. 

Such stress is caused by design mistakes from your Tampa home that you are not aware of. To help you prevent such stress, we've prepared a list of those design mistakes and some tips on how to fix them.

5 Design mistakes and how to avoid them

1. Boring entryway

Often we focus on decorating the room where we spend most of our time which makes us overlook the entry point, which is the most visible part of our home to visitors. Those spaces are often dull unless it is directed to our living room.

Tips: Think about the entry point design that best fits with the room next to it. Use the perfect light fixture and accent it with colors that complement the overall design of your house. Also, placing artwork or embellishments that keep the entry inviting and superb is highly recommended. Check the photos below for more ideas. 

2. Too many accent walls

Accent walls are meant to provide contrast more than color. Having too many contrasting walls defeats the primary purpose of accent walls. 

Tips: If you want to feature a particular design on your custom home's wall, make sure to set them in one space at a time. Take time to evaluate the shape of the space you want to feature because the success of your accent wall depends on it since the eyes notice shapes first before the color. While accent walls are meant to provide contrast, make sure that it is an excellent addition to the room design as a whole. 

3. Poorly thought-out lighting schemes

Lighting plays a vital role in making our spaces inviting or the other way around. Don't make it too bright or too dim. Check out other wrong practices below that could impact our home because of poorly thought-out lighting schemes. 

One source of light

You have the best interior, but it won't be emphasized if your custom home has improper lighting--especially if there's only one source of light in your room. 

Blocking the windows

Sunlight is one of the best lighting sources not only in picture-perfect outdoor scenes but also at our home. However, due to some valid reasons, we tend to block our windows which prevents natural light from passing through our homes. This, in turn, dims our area, which could sometimes make the house look dull and unpleasant. Aside from this, it also makes us depend on using too much electricity, which can be prevented if we optimize our windows at home. 

Tips: Carefully plan how you will arrange your custom home in Tampa. Most of the time, windows are blocked because of privacy, or too much natural light makes us feel uncomfortable. If this is the case, think about rearranging your house and leaving the window space open.

4. Wrong Furniture Placement

No matter how luxurious a piece of furniture is, if it is randomly placed somewhere in your custom home, it will only look cheap rather than elegant. The same thing goes for other furniture. Misplacing furniture doesn't only make your house dull, it could also be a source of minor accidents. For example, when you are in a hurry, you could suddenly hit an unnoticeable piece of furniture, which could hurt your feet, hands, or waist. Make sure you also avoid displaying too much furniture to the point where it overpowered your original house design. 

5. Accessories and Appliances don't fit well with the space.

Whenever we travel or go shopping, there will always be times when we suddenly fall for a house accessory or appliances which we think are too good not to be bought. This could result in buying accessories and appliances that are poorly sized, but since we want them so much, we'll insist on placing them wherever we want them to be displayed. Take note that such practice is a design mistake and may ruin the kind of custom house design you've initially done. 

Tips: Marissa Sauer, interior designer and founder of Design MACS, said that it is crucial to pick pieces to scale with the wall you're putting them on. According to her, a piece that is too small could look a bit random, and one that's too big could make the room look small and cluttered. Think about these rules when arranging your things at home. Make sure that all your accessories and appliances are spatially related to one another. Take note of how each appliance, furniture, and accessories fit well with their space.


Make the most of your time by avoiding unnecessary errors that could ruin the design of your custom home in Tampa. Prevent your home from having a boring entry, too many accent walls, poorly thought out lighting scheme, furniture misplacement, and accessorizing your home with incorrectly sized appliances and embellishments. 

We hope this blog helps. Just in case you're up to planning to design your house, our blogs about interior design could help.

This article was last updated on May 18, 2023