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Single-family homes “for sale” in Clearwater? Check these statistics first.

Jan 18, 2022

17 min


Is Clearwater a good place to live?


Photo: Clearwater Sunset Boat/IG

Are you planning to buy or build your first home, but you don’t know where to have it? Let’s see. 

Are you an opacarophile, someone who loves sunsets?

How about watching the sunset from the seaside whenever you want to? Does it sound good? If you do, we have a suggestion for you, build a home or look for one in Clearwater. 

Clearwater is located in Pinellas County, Florida. Those who live in Clearwater get to see the beautiful sunset from time to time. Why wait for your retirement to enjoy what you love to do. Imagine seeing sunsets from Clearwater's fine-sand beaches every day because you live there. As an opacarophile, that would definitely revitalize you without the need for long vacations.

Exciting right? but, before you go ahead and look for a "house for sale" in Clearwater over the internet, we invite you to check these statistics first to help you make up your mind about Clearwater.

We’ve grouped the statistics we’ve gotten into three sets to make it easier for you to review them. Those sets are statistics that may impact your physical well-being, statistics that may impact your economic well-being, and statistics that may impact your mental well-being.

Statistics that may impact your physical well-being

Here are some statistics that we think may benefit your physical well-being in case you want to settle in Clearwater for good:

The number of employees who have tested positive since pandemic: 383 out of 1,900 or 20% (2020-21 Clearwater, Annual Report).

Knowing this statistic is important as it could indicate how well the local government handles the current pandemic. Based on the report, the low transmission rate among employees is due to the consistent approach and proactive implementation of the CDC-based policy of the local government. 

Next, we have some more statistics from Numbeo (survey-based) that you may find helpful to ensure that your physical health may be taken care of once you decide to live in Clearwater. 

  • Equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment, 82.14 (Very High)
  • The convenience of location, 75.00 (High)
  • Speed in completing examination and reports, 71.43 (High)
  • Satisfaction with responsiveness (waitings) in medical institutions, 71.43 (High)
  • Friendliness and courtesy of the staff, 67.86 (High)
  • Skill and competency of medical staff, 67.86 (High)
  • Accuracy and completeness in filling out reports, 62.50 (High)
  • Satisfaction with cost to you, 57.14 (Moderate)

These statistics may all indicate how well Clearwater could handle your medical needs. Now, we’re done with the statistics that may impact your physical well-being. Next, let’s move on with the statistics that may affect your economic well-being. 

Statistics that may impact your economic well-being

In this section, we will present the economic data that we have collated from various sources.  

Clearwater’s Population: 116,946

According to a source, Clearwater’s population has grown about 6.7% since 2000. While it is below the average level, the fact that the population is growing will still be suitable for those who want to start their businesses in Clearwater. Especially those who plan to sell essential goods. Based on the same report released by the local government, the job market in Clearwater increased by 2.3%, and the future job growth in the next ten years is forecasted to be 41.1%. It is 7.6% higher than the projected growth rate for the national level. While no study directly correlates the increase in Clearwater’s population with employment, we can partly assume that the employment level wouldn’t increase if businesses hadn’t forecasted growth opportunities (more customers due to the increasing population) in Clearwater. 

Here are some more statistics where Clearwater performs well economically based on, Sperling's Best Places

  • Unemployment rate: 4.6%, 1.4% better than U.S. national average, which is 6%. 
  • Average Income: $28,500, almost equivalent to the national average, higher by only $55. 
  • Sales Tax Rate for Clearwater, 7.0%. (Florida: 6% + Pinellas County: 1%). Lower by 0.3% from the national average. 
  • Income Tax: 0%. Since Clearwater is part of Florida, one of the eight states that do not levy income taxes, citizens do not pay income taxes. This is comparably low compared to the 4.6% income tax in the U.S. overall. 

Those are, by far, the statistics that we think could benefit your economic well-being. How have you found them so far? 

For now, let’s move on to the next set of statistics that we believe is vital in considering whether Clearwater is your place to be or not. 

Statistics that could impact your mental well-being

When looking for a place where you want to put up your dream home, don't just consider your physical and economic benefits. Make sure that your mental well-being is being taken care of as well. Without peace of mind and joy, earning a higher wage and being fit physically are not enough. So, in this article, we've also included statistics for your mental well-being.

From the same report provided by the city, the biggest spending from 2020 - 21 went to public safety spending.  It amounted to $154.4M or 50% of the overall expenditure. 

Clearwater also reported how it helped struggling residents using the CARE Act funds through Florida Housing Finance Corporation. Here are some of the details:

  • Mortgage Assistance: $127,000
  • Rental Assistance: $983,500
  • Utility Payments: $186,700
  • Security Deposits: $13,900
  • Storage Fee: $874

The data above indicated how well the government could support its residents, especially in a crisis. 

To add some more information, here are statistics from Numbeo that may also help you secure your mental well-being if you decide to live in Clearwater. 

  • Climate Index 88.17 (Very High)
  • Safety Index 61.74 (High)
  • Health Care Index 68.06 (High)
  • Pollution Index 28.57 (Low)

However, note that Clearwater, like any other place, is not that perfect. To review the overall report, please click here

With the current state of the pandemic, when travel restrictions between borders are implemented from time to time, there is another statistic that we would like you to consider especially if you are an opacarophile. Are you wondering how many sunset-related activities can Clearwater offer? There’s a lot, depending on what you prefer. We’ve prepared ten from what TripAdvisor has provided. 

Cruisin’ around the aquatic riches of Clearwater through the following providers: 

Photo: The Tropics Boat Tours/IG

  • Starlite Majesty Dining Cruises with their Calypso Queen Tropical Party Buffet Cruise 
  • The Tropics Boat Tours with their Sunset Cruise 
  • Clearwater Sunset Boat with their 2-hour sunset cruise
  • Starlite Majesty Dining Cruises with their Clearwater Evening Yacht Cruise with optional dining
  • Schooner Clearwater with their Afternoon Sailing Cruise at the Clearwater Beach
  • Captain Jack (Barry) Collins with his Private Jet Boat Tour in Clearwater
  • Gray Line Orlando with their Sea Screamer Boat Cruise on the Gulf of Mexico and Clearwater
  • City Sightseeing Orlando with their Clearwater Beach Day Trip that included deep-sea fishing
  • Clearwater Fun Boat with their dolphin sightseeing tour
  • Indian Rocks Beach with their Private boating on the hurricane deck boat 

Aside from those activities, if you want something different, you can also roam around various parks, try exciting rides in Tampa Bay CityPASS, watch concerts and shows (once restrictions are lifted), and of course, try exciting foods! 

Enjoying these things in Clearwater is something you can look forward to if you have decided to look for a “house for sale” at Clearwater and settle in this sunset-friendly location in Tampa, Florida.

Let’s go, opacarophiles! :)

This article was last updated on Jun 16, 2024