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Site Inspection – Alexis Court, Tarpon Springs, FL

Jul 13, 2021

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Site inspections reveal a lot of helpful ideas before home builders start their renovators. Read the blog below to discover how Parasol Properties perform one in Tarpon Springs.


Expecting the unknown during the site inspection

Whenever we get called to check out a job, we never know what to expect. While a phone call can get us an idea of what work the homeowner would like, it is not until we get to the location and perform a site inspection for ourselves before we can paint the whole picture. Housing is unique, and we make a lot of discoveries on the job site. Plus, we make a lot of choices on the spot as well.

We tend to review renovation jobs by appointment with a prearranged time frame with the homeowner. During this site inspection, we try and examine every detail of the project. The review usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size, scale, and information.

In renovations, we have to carefully look over the home to identify defects and damage or potential issues to reduce the likelihood of change orders and extras. During our site visit, we take pictures of anything that needs repair and things to note. We use this to create a scope of work and an estimate for the work required.

Overall Vision

This beautiful Tarpon Springs home sits at the end of a street and overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. As a home built in 1992, it does need a few updates. The homeowner initially called us up because there was some water damage around the deck. That’s where we came in. Parasol performed a site inspection and made some suggestions that the homeowner liked. This project has since scaled up to the complete renovation of the decking system of the house. Also, Parasol has updated safety provisions, added outdoor kitchens, and revamped the railing system.

You can tell by the homeowners' furniture that even though this is a traditional finished home, they have a flair for a more modern approach, and we have to adjust the design accordingly.

Site Inspection – 3rd Floor Balcony

From the 3rd floor, the view is great, but you can see the tile start to degrade. It is a single platform.

Site Inspection – 2nd Floor Balcony

Two long hallways on either side give access to the larger balcony on the second floor. This balcony is immediately below the 3rd floor.


Grout is wearing away, and tiles are chipped. There might be some decking issues or water issues as a result of this flooring.


The railing is attachment is a little off and quite dated. The homeowners have a much better vision to match current trends.

Can you relate to some of the issues we found in our site inspection? If you feel like you do and believe that your house needs some house inspection too, contact the trusted home builder near you or if you live in Tampa, Lutz, Dunedin, or Clearwater, let us know. :)

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