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When to Hire and Who is the Best Contractor for You?

Jul 16, 2021

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Never waste a day in your construction journey. Make it count. :)


Knowing when to hire and knowing the best contractor or custom home builder for you to build your dream home is a bit tricky. For those who don’t know, a general contractor is someone who can help you build your home. They oversee the overall construction, admin works, and general construction. Constructing or renovating homes will always be a fun journey if you hire and find the best contractor to fit your needs.

Know When To hire

If you are considering changing your bedroom color, hiring a general contractor is not the best move. If you want to build a house from scratch on the other end of the spectrum, then hiring one is necessary. So, how do you know if you need to hire a pro?

You need a professional contractor if:

1. If it’s going to more than a week to finish a job.

2. If it’s going to involve talking to a lot of professionals and subcontractors.

3. If you need a permit to execute your plan.

In one of our projects in Tarpon Springs, we renovated a portion of the house. Although it’s only a balcony renovation, several subcontractors, engineers, and laborers must complete the project.

Now that you know when to hire a contractor, the next question would be to learn the best general contractor for you.

Who Is The Best Contractor For You?

There are several factors to consider, and it depends on your priorities, of course. But keep in mind these pointers.

What is your budget?

Some people want to make the most out of their budget, while others don’t mind paying higher quality. 

How do you prefer to be with your contractor?

Involvement, every step of the way, or prefers little interactions as possible.

Know your contractor

Know their portfolio. It goes beyond checking the online portfolio. If you have a chance to visit their actual / completed works, then make it a priority. Know their track record, deliver the project on time, cost, and the highest quality. Actions speak louder than words. You’re now your contractor based on their quality of output. The best way to spot a quality construction is by checking the terminations, joints, and corners. The cleaner, refined, and sharp they are, the better.


When dealing with many professionals, complicated timelines, and the magnitude of work, hiring a contractor is the best advice. Also, the best contractor for you is the one that fits your priorities. So, know your contractor before you enter into any contract. Lastly, enjoy the journey knowing that you are in good hands.

If you're from Tampa, Lutz, Clearwater, or Dunedin, we got you. :)

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