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Construction Process


Parasol offers a unique program for home construction, covering all stages from design to move-in. Our Project Managers provide preliminary cost estimates, guide you throughout the journey, and ensure timely completion. We have a phase-wise implementation approach, making the process clear and efficient.

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THE JOURNEY & Destination

Our journey in the construction business has spanned 30 years, filled with unique experiences and substantial industry growth marked by technological advancements, sustainable practices, the significance of trade apprenticeships, and a dynamic real estate market. The key to our success lies in our adaptability and proactive response to the ever-evolving urban landscape. This approach inspires confidence in our team and valued clients, assuring them that our legacy will continue to shape distinctive homes in the Okanagan for future homeowner generations.

Ready to Build You Dream Home

Transform your vision into a lived reality with Parasol. Contact us today, let's craft the blueprint and begin building your dream home in the heart of Pinellas County.

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