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Ceramic Tile

Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines about Ceramic Tiles

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Your selection sheets include the brand and color of your ceramic tile.



Ceramic tile is one of the easiest floor coverings to maintain. Simply vacuum when needed. Occasionally, a wet mopping with warm water may be appropriate. Avoid adding detergent to the water. If you feel a cleaning agent is required, use a mild solution of warm water and dishwasher crystals (they will not result in a heavy, difficult-to-remove lather on the grout). Rinse thoroughly. 

The ceramic tile installed on walls or countertops in your home may be washed with any non-abrasive soap, detergent, or tile cleaner. Abrasive cleaners will dull the finish.


Grout Discoloration

Clean grout that becomes yellowed or stained with a fiber brush, cleanser, and water. Grout cleaners and whiteners are available at most hardware stores.


Sealing Grout

Sealing grout is your decision and responsibility. Once the grout has been sealed, ongoing maintenance of that seal is necessary, and limited warranty coverage on the sealed grout is void.



Expect slight separations to occur in the grout between tiles. This grout is for decorative purposes only; it does not hold the tile in place. Cracks in the grout can be filled using premixed grout purchased from flooring or hardware stores. Follow package directions.

Tile around bathtubs or countertops may appear to be pulling up after a time. This is caused by normal shrinkage of grout or caulk and shrinkage of wood members as they dry out. The best remedy is to purchase tub caulk or premixed grout from a hardware store if this occurs. Follow directions on the container. This maintenance is important to protect the underlying surface from water damage.


Parasol Properties Limited Warranty Guidelines

During the orientation, we confirm that tile and grout areas are in acceptable condition. We will repair or replace cracked, badly chipped, or loose tiles noted at that time. Parasol Properties is not responsible for variations in color or discontinued patterns. New grout may vary in color from the original.


One-Time Repair

Cracks appearing in the grouting of ceramic tiles at joints or junctions with other materials are commonly due to shrinkage. Parasol Properties will repair grouting, if necessary, one time during the first year. We are not responsible for color variations in grout or discontinued colored grout. Any grouting or caulking that is needed after that time is your responsibility.