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Homeowner Use and Care Guidelines

Easements are areas where such things as utility supply lines can pass through your property. They permit service to your lot and adjacent lots, now and in the future. Your lot will also include drainage easements, meaning the runoff from adjacent lots passes across your property. Likewise, water from your property may run across a neighboring lot. Easements are recorded and are permanent.

Trees, shrubs, gardens, play equipment, storage sheds, fences, or other items which you install in or across these easements may be disturbed if service entities–such as the gas, electric, or phone companies–need access to lines for repairs or to connect service to nearby homesites.

Utility companies, Postal Service, and others have the right to install equipment in easements. These might include streetlights, mailboxes, or junction boxes, to name a few. Neither Parasol Properties nor you as the homeowner have the authority to prevent, interfere with, or alter these installations. Plans for the location of such items are subject to change by the various entities involved. Because they have no obligation to keep Parasol Properties informed of such changes, we are unable to predict specific sites that will include such equipment.

See also Property Boundaries.