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Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

We install the foundation of your home according to the recommendations of our consulting engineer. The walls of the foundation are poured concrete with steel reinforcing rods. To protect your home's foundation, follow guidelines for installation and maintenance of landscaping and drainage in this manual.



Even though an engineer designed the foundation and we constructed it according to engineering requirements, surface cracks can still develop in the wall. Surface cracks are not detrimental to the structural integrity of your home. If a crack develops in a foundation wall that allows water to come through, follow the procedures for submitting a warranty claim.



Due to the amount of water in concrete, basements may be damp. Condensation can form on water lines and drip onto the floor.


Future Construction in Basement

If you decide to perform additional construction in the basement, obtain guidelines from a licensed engineer, obtain a building permit, and comply with all codes and safety requirements. Parasol Properties does not warrant that you will be able to obtain such a permit because of the possibility that building codes may change.


Parasol Properties Limited Warranty Guidelines

The foundation of your home has been designed and installed according to the recommendations of an engineer. The walls of the foundation are poured concrete with steel reinforcing rods.


Cosmetic Imperfections

Slight cosmetic imperfections in foundation walls, such as a visible seam where two pours meet or slight honeycombing (aggregate visible), are possible and require no repair unless they permit water to enter.



Shrinkage or backfill cracks are not unusual in foundation walls, especially at the corners of basement windows. Parasol Properties will seal cracks that exceed 1/8 inch in width.



Parasol Properties will correct conditions that permit water to enter the basement, provided you have complied with the drainage, landscaping, and maintenance guidelines.