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Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines about Stairs

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

No known method of installation prevents all vibration or squeaks in a staircase. A shrinkage crack will develop where the stairs meet the wall. When this occurs, apply a thin bead of latex caulk and, when dry, touch up with paint.

Other issues that may be encountered aside from what has been mentioned above are the following: 

1. Powdery deposits – when you see these on stairs or other parts of your home, it could indicate beetle infestation. 

There are many ways to eliminate pests, but the best way to get rid of them is through the help of a certified pest control professional. Contact us so we can refer trusted service providers to address your concerns. 

2. Creaking stairs may indicate loose joints that need to be detected and repaired right away.

3. Damaged spindles* or balusters should be fixed and repaired immediately because they could be hazardous if ignored.

4. Damaged nosings on the front of treads** could be as dangerous as the previous two in our list.

5. Evident cracks were seen on stone stairs. – such issues could indicate structural damage

In case of rust stains, inspect the stair’s metal fixings.

*spindles - Spindles (aka balusters) the posts that connect the base rail and handrail on a staircase. 

**tread - the part of the stair you step on.

Parasol Properties Limited Warranty Guidelines

Although Parasol Properties does not warrant against stair vibration and squeaks, a reasonable effort will be made to correct them.