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Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Stucco is a brittle cement product that is subject to expansion and contraction. Minor hairline cracks will develop in the outer layer of the stucco. This is normal and does not reduce the function of the stucco in any way.



To ensure proper drainage, keep dirt and concrete flatwork a minimum of 6 inches below the stucco screed (mesh underneath the final coat of stucco). Do not pour concrete or masonry over the stucco screed or right up to the foundation.



The white, powdery substance that sometimes accumulates on stucco surfaces is called efflorescence. This is a natural phenomenon and cannot be prevented. In some cases, you can remove it by scrubbing with a stiff brush and vinegar. Consult your home center or hardware store for commercial products to remove efflorescence.


Since stucco is not a water barrier, avoid spraying water from irrigation or watering systems on stucco surfaces to avoid possible leaks. Check the spray from the lawn and plant irrigation system frequently to ensure that water is not spraying or accumulating on stucco surfaces.


Parasol Properties Limited Warranty Guidelines

One time during the warranty period, Parasol Properties will repair stucco cracks. The repair will not exactly match the surrounding area.