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Swimming Pools

Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines about Swimming Pools

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

If your home includes a swimming pool, be aware of important safety and care requirements. Local ordinances require that you secure the pool area with a fence and locked gate to prevent unauthorized entry and use of your pool. Establish safe practices with children regarding proper pool behaviors and circumstances under which they can enter the water.



Carefully study and follow information regarding the pool’s chemistry. You are responsible for supplying all appropriate chemical treatments.



Regular cleaning of the pool’s surfaces is essential for comfortable and healthy enjoyment. Keep glass and debris out of the pool area.


Filters and Pumps

Maintain the pool filters and pumps according to each manufacturer’s directions.


Professional Services

Consider retaining a professional pool service to clean the pool, maintain the systems, and treat the water.

Parasol Properties Limited Warranty Guidelines

During the orientation, we will confirm that all pool surfaces are in acceptable condition. Repair of any surface damage noted after that is your responsibility. The pool installer will set a separate appointment with you to instruct you in the use and care of equipment and review the chemical treatment of the pool water.

Pool equipment should function as designed, provided you follow all maintenance steps.