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Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines about Termites

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

We treat the foundation of your home for termites and provide you with a certificate confirming that treatment. Plan to renew this treatment annually or as directed by the literature that accompanies the certificate. Treatment for other types of insects or animal infestations is your responsibility.


Regular Inspections

Regularly inspect your home for signs of termites or conditions that would allow their attack.

  • Check for wrinkles or waves in the wood trim.
  • Tap wood to see if it sound or feels hollow.
  • Inspect under the carpet tack strip by lifting the edge of the carpet in the corner of a room. The tack strip is untreated and provides a convenient path for termites through your home.
  • Watch for tubes of dirt, called mud tubes, that extend from the soil up to your home.
  • Keep soil away from any wood parts of your home.
  • Be certain all roof water and precipitation move quickly away from your home’s foundation.
  • Avoid storing wood on the ground and against your home.
  • Maintain a safe zone of at least two feet in width around the perimeter of your home. Avoid planting grass or shrubs, installing any sprinkler device, or digging of any kind in this area. If you disturb this area, have it re-treated to restore protection.
  • Before installing stepping stones, river rock, concrete, or so on against the home, chemically treat the area underneath the new material.
  • If you add to or change the exterior of your home, be sure to have the areas treated first.

If you believe you see signs of termites or have any questions, contact your termite treatment company for guidance.


Parasol Properties Limited Warranty Guidelines

We certify the treatment of your foundation for termites at closing. This is our final action for termites. Parasol Properties warranty excludes treatment for any other insect (such as ants) or animal (such as mice) infestations.