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Windows, Screens, and Sliding Glass Doors

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Contact a glass company for reglazing any windows that break. Glass is difficult to install without special tools.


Acrylic Block

Clean during moderate temperatures with only mild soap and warm water using a sponge or soft cloth and dry with a towel. Avoid abrasive cleaners, commercial glass cleaners, razors, brushes, or scrubbing devices of any kind. Minor scratches can often be minimized using by rubbing a mild automotive polish.



Clean aluminum metal surfaces with warm, clear water. Do not use powdered cleaner. After each cleaning, apply a silicone lubricant. Clean glass as needed with vinegar and water, a commercial glass cleaner, or the product recommended by the window manufacturer.



Condensation on interior surfaces of the window and frame results from high humidity within the home and low outside temperatures. Your family’s lifestyle controls the humidity level within your home. If your home includes a humidifier, closely observe the manufacturer's directions for its use.


Screen Storage and Maintenance

Many homeowners remove and store screens for the winter to allow more light into the home. To make re-installation more convenient, label each screen as you remove it. Use caution: screens perforate easily, and the frames bend if they are not handled with care. Before re-installing the screen, clean them with a hose and gentle spray of water. 


Window sills in your home are made of wood, wood product, man-made marble, or marble. The most common maintenance activity is dusting. Twice a year, check caulking and touch-up as needed. Wax is not necessary but can be used to make sills gleam. Protect wood and wood product sills from moisture. If you arrange plants on a sill, include a plastic tray under the pot.


Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are made with tempered glass, which is more difficult to break than ordinary glass. If broken, tempered glass breaks into small circular pieces rather than large splinters, which can easily cause injury.

Keep sliding door tracks clean for smooth operation and to prevent damage to the door frame. Silicone lubricants work well for these tracks. Acquaint yourself with the operation of sliding door hardware for maximum security.

Under certain lighting conditions, door glass may be hard to see. If you keep the screen fully closed when the glass door is open, your family will be accustomed to opening something before going through. You may want to apply a decal to the glass door to make it readily visible.


Sticking Windows

Most sliding windows (both vertical and horizontal) are designed for a 10-pound pull. Applying a silicone lubricant if sticking occurs or excessive pressure is required to open or close a window. This is available at hardware stores. Avoid petroleum-based products.



Applying tinting of foil lining to dual pane windows can result in broken windows due to heat build-up. Some manufacturers void their warranty on the windows if you apply tinting or foil lining. Contact the manufacturer to check on their current policy before you apply such coatings.


Weep Holes

In heavy rains, water may collect in the bottom channel of window frames. Weep holes are provided to allow excess water to escape to the outside. Keep the bottom window channels and weep holes free of dirt and debris for proper operation.


Parasol Properties Limited Warranty Guidelines

 We will confirm that all windows, screens, and sliding glass doors are in acceptable condition during the orientation. Parasol Properties will repair or replace broken windows or damaged screens noted on the orientation list. Windows should operate with reasonable ease, and locks should perform as designed. If they do not, Parasol Properties will provide adjustments.


 Condensation on interior surfaces of the window and frame results from high humidity within the home and low outside temperatures. You influence the humidity level within your home; Parasol Properties provides no corrective measure for this condition.

Condensation that accumulates between the panes of glass in dual-glazed windows indicates a broken seal. Parasol Properties will replace the window if this occurs during the warranty period.



Some air and dust will infiltrate around windows, especially before the installation of landscaping in the general area. Parasol Properties warranty excludes this occurrence.



Parasol Properties confirms that all window glass is in acceptable condition at the orientation. Minor scratches on windows can result from delivery, handling, and other construction activities. Parasol Properties will replace windows that have scratches readily visible from a distance of 4 feet. Parasol Properties does not replace windows that have scratches visible only under certain lighting conditions.



 If you add tinting to dual-glazed windows, all warranties are voided. Damage can result from condensation or excessive heat build-up between the panes of glass. Refer to the manufacturer’s literature for additional information.


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