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New Home Selections

List of things to take note of when selecting a new home

Part of the fun of buying a new home is selecting features, finish materials, and colors. You will make some of these choices at the Parasol Properties’s office and others at our suppliers’ showrooms. Location and contact information are included in these sections. As you make choices for your new home, consider your present and future lifestyle. Take into account your family’s daily activities, hobbies, work, the kind of entertaining you do, and your family’s holiday traditions.

  • Standard Features
    Confirm your understanding of which features are included in your new home.
  • Optional Features
    You can select from many popular options to personalize your new home.
  • Custom Features
    Parasol Properties will consider your requests for custom features with a design/pricing deposit of $200.
  • Selection Hints
    Reminders to guide you through the selection process.
  • Selection Locations
    Names and locations of showrooms where you can view selections and options.
  • Buyer Start Order
    Letting us know when to begin.
  • Change Orders
    Parasol Properties will consider requests for changes after you sign the Buyer Start Order in accordance with the schedule and fees described here.

Standard Features

Each floor plan includes a substantial number of standard features listed on our sales center's standard features sheet. Please review this information carefully to prevent any misunderstandings about which features are included in the base price of your new home. To delete a standard feature, complete and submit a change order with your selection sheets. If you have any questions, your sales counselor will be able to assist you.

Optional Features

Based on feedback from our customers, Parasol Properties has developed a list of the most popular options available for the home plans in your new community. This list and the current pricing of these items are available from your sales counselor. This list is updated regularly based on feedback from our customers and fluctuations in costs.

Our options list is organized by components: cabinet, electrical, floor covering, plumbing, and so on. To include an optional item in your new home, simply list the item on your selection forms.

Custom Features

The possibilities for your new home far exceed the popular ideas we suggest on our options list. In addition to the available options, you may have custom features you want us to consider incorporating into your new home.

Think, dream, imagine, look—we will assist you in any way we can to make these decisions as early as possible. Please keep in mind that your new neighbors have this same opportunity and may still request other features. We make no claim that we mention or offer every possible idea.

All requests for custom features require a custom design/pricing deposit of $200. The full amount becomes a credit against the cost of the change if you approve the change order. If you decide not to proceed, Parasol Properties retains the design/pricing deposit.

Selection Hints

Parasol Properties provides you with selection sheets that list the choices you need to make. Schedule time to visit our office and our suppliers’ showrooms to make your selections as soon as possible. Plan to finalize your selections within 30 days of signing your purchase agreement. Your prompt completion of these selections helps prevent delays caused by backorders.

Informed Choices

We recommend that you review the maintenance tasks and warranty guidelines in Section 8 of this manual before making your selection decisions.

Be Thorough

Our selection sheets are very detailed. Fill in all blanks completely. Costly errors arise from assumptions and incomplete selection sheets. After completing this form, double-check all color numbers and names before submission.


Decorating choices that exceed the specified allowances, such as floor coverings, countertops, or light fixtures decors, will require additional payment. Although such amounts can be credited to you at closing and subsequently added to your mortgage, they are not refundable.


You are welcome to bring cushions or swatches to showrooms to coordinate colors. View color samples in both natural and artificial light to get an accurate impression of the color. Variations between samples and actual material installed can occur. This is because of the manufacturer’s coloring process (dye lots) and the fact that, over time, sunlight and other environmental factors affect the samples. Some colors will appear different when seen in a large area as opposed to the sample.

Exterior Choices

Your homeowner association and selections your future neighbors have made may limit your choices for exterior finish materials or colors. The sooner you make your selections, the more choices you have. Viewing existing homes is one way to select exterior colors. Selections often look different on a full-size home. Some colors require extra coverage, which can impact the cost.

Selection Hold

We reserve the right to place a hold on your selections until your lender has approved your loan and all contingencies are released. If suppliers have discontinued any of your selections, we will contact you and ask you to make an alternate selection within 5 days. Occasionally, a home is already under construction, and Parasol Properties has made some or all of these choices.


If a selection you make turns out to be unavailable, we will contact you and request that you make a different selection within 5 business days. Because so many choices are offered, Parasol Properties cannot predict when a particular manufacturer or supplier may discontinue any particular item. We regret any inconvenience this causes. Similarly, materials readily available when your home is built may not be available in years to come if replacements are needed.

Record of Selections

Please retain your selection sheets for future reference. They are useful for matching paint colors, tile grout, and replacement items in your home.

Selection Locations

The locations will be provided in person.

Buyer Start Order

Based on our typical workload, the permitting of your new home will begin 2 to 6 weeks after we receive your signed Buyer Start Order. Once you sign the Buyer Start Order, Parasol Properties finalizes blueprints and permitting paperwork, then at the appropriate time, orders materials and schedules labor to build your home. Administrative fees apply to any requested changes to your plans and specifications after this point.

Change Orders

Parasol Properties uses a change order form (see sample at the end of this section) to describe and document all changes you may request to your new home’s plans and specifications. Change orders fall into three categories. You may decide to:

  • Add or delete items from the options list after signing your selection sheets.
  • Change a selection previously ordered.
  • Personalize your home plans still further with a custom feature.

To deliver your home as close as possible to the target date, we order many items well before installation. Once a particular item is ordered, further changes may involve adjusting the planned delivery date and additional costs. By requesting all changes before signing the Buyer Start Order, you avoid both.


When you request a change, the sales counselor will document the request and submit it for approval and pricing in the case of custom changes. Pricing of custom change requests typically takes 5 to 10 business days.

Sometimes a seemingly minor change impacts other elements of the home and therefore may come with hidden costs. For example, if you order a ceiling fan, the framing that will hold it is reinforced. If you add a window, framing, drywall, interior, exterior trim, and paint costs may be affected.

Changes of any kind requested after the cutoff dates for your community include an administrative fee. This is necessary because previously issued paperwork must be canceled and reissued. Errors in this process are a Parasol Properties responsibility. If the change you request impacts the construction schedule, our pricing will include construction loan interest for the additional days. The cost of deleted items will be credited to you, although administrative fees are non-refundable.

Information on pricing and any schedule adjustment is returned to your sales counselor, who will contact you for a final decision. If you elect to proceed with the change, we ask that you sign the change order and make full payment. Change orders that remain unsigned or unpaid become null and void upon the expiration date shown on the change order.


For the protection of all concerned, all changes are documented and incorporated into your new home only after:

  • Parasol Properties has approved and signed the change.
  • You have approved, signed, and paid for the change before its expiration date.
  • The applicable building department has approved the change, when applicable.

Our contracts with our trade contractors prohibit them from making any changes to plans or specifications without written change order authorization from Parasol Properties.

Cutoff Points for Changes

Parasol Properties follows a schedule of cutoffs for changes as shown below. Parasol Properties reserves the right to deny changes you request after these cutoffs.