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Purchasing Your Home

Purchaser checklist, purchase agreement, and other list to guide you in home purchasing.

  • Purchaser Checklist
    Your opportunity to confirm we have communicated clearly and have delivered all the necessary documents.
    You will receive a digital copy of the form you sign at the end of your purchase agreement session.
  • Purchase Agreement
    A brief description of each of the documents you will receive.

You will use several standard forms when you buy your new home. These include the purchase agreement and several addenda. The purchase agreement becomes binding only when all parties have signed all forms and attachments.

If you are new to the country or the area, we welcome you and understand that you may be unfamiliar with our business procedures and traditions. We will gladly discuss any questions you may have about the business practices that we will be following.

Purchaser Checklist

This sheet confirms that we delivered all the necessary documents and discussed key topics to prevent surprises. Our experience shows that the new home process progresses more smoothly with good communication. To be certain that we have been clear in explaining our purchase agreement and called your attention to clauses or topics that have caused confusion in the past, we will ask you to sign this confirmation at the end of the meeting.

Check out Purchaser Checklist to know more.

Purchase Agreement

The purchase agreement is a legal document that represents your decision to purchase a home. It describes your home (both a legal description and the street address), financing information, homeowner association information, if applicable, and additional legal provisions. We recommend that you read these documents carefully. In particular, please take note of the topics listed on our Buyer’s Checklist, which we will discuss with you before signing your purchase agreement.

Several exhibits are typically attached to the purchase agreement. The features of the community determine the specific items, but the list below is typical.


Exhibit A

Materials and Specifications list materials and methods to be used in the construction of your home.

Exhibit B

Allowance Schedule lists categories and amounts included in the price of your home for the finish materials you select.

Exhibit C

Selection Sheets outline details of your finish material choices, such as color, brand, model, and so on. Please plan to complete these within 30 days of signing your contract. See Section 4, New Home Selections, for more information.

Exhibit D

Parasol Properties Limited Warranty, a specimen copy for your study, with the actual warranty executed at closing.

Exhibit E

Homeowner Association Documents, where applicable.

Homeowner Manual

This website is your Homeowner Manual. It will guide you through the building process and serve as a useful reference after your move-in.


Our community information materials contain specific documents and disclosures about the local community.