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5 Advantages of New Construction

Jul 16, 2021

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If you are thinking of getting a home for your family, take advantage of the perks of getting one!

You fell in love with your new neighborhood in Tampa. Moreover, you wanted to move in after several months. However, you are undecided between new construction or buying existing. According to studies, twice as many people in America prefer new construction to existing homes. We are going to enumerate the advantages of new construction.

New Construction

But how do we classify new or existing? Well, “new” means a recently constructed home, and no one lived there before or homes purchased in the pre-construction phase. On the other hand, “existing” or resale homes are considered pre-owned properties. For the same price, 2 in 5 Americans — a sizable 41% of the population — either somewhat or strongly prefer a newly-built home over an existing one.

Homebuyers who prefer existing or older homes usually like the unique architectural charm. Besides, the less maintained or renovated each decade needs a little TLC. Also, they are slightly less expensive than a new construction home. However, new construction homes have advantages that might outweigh their older, more established counterparts.

Advantages of New Construction


One of the advantages of new construction is flexibility. Homebuilders are offering buyers the ability to customize. Homebuyers can get a vast number of options such as lighting, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, wall coverings, paint colors, and landscaping from a wide variety of choices so that you can keep up with the current design trend. Some of the favorites are considered upgrades. These will add to your base price, but now builders are adding options that are still considered part of the original price package. You have a customized home!

Technology and Innovation

Building technology evolves, and construction materials innovate. As a result, buildings and construction materials are more durable, cost-efficient,  and earth-friendly. That is why utilizing new construction materials is usually more energy-efficient, which means potentially lower utility bills. Not only are these newly-built homes rated higher for insulation, but many new homes are also incorporating renewable sources of clean energy like solar. Moreover, new construction homes are often equipped with the latest technology built right in. Think cable, alarm systems, speaker systems, high-speed wired internet, digital thermostats, and detectors — when they’re just the flip of a switch away, you save you lots of time and money, not to mention holes in the walls.

All of this new home tech could save you thousands over the years you live in the home. 


Since your home is new, you have fewer maintenance and repair bills. Plus, new construction usually has a warranty. A significant financial benefit to a new home is that you won’t have much maintenance to do for quite a while. With modern, new appliances, plumbing, heating, and air, you should be able to live repair-free for a few years.


When you buy new from a reputable and established builder, you can include your selected upgrades into the original purchase price and mortgage amount, financing them. When you purchase an older home, you will have to secure a mortgage, buy the house, and begin renovations on a separate line of funds. That means that the money for the upgrades will have to come directly out of your pocket. This setup can be adamant for homebuyers who are low on cash after paying a substantial down payment. New construction, however, allows you to make your choices of upgrades and additions and have those costs incorporated into the home’s overall purchase price. That way, you can finance these upgrades rather than pay for them in full, out-of-pocket.


The home’s utility systems (electrical, plumbing, sewage lines, central heating, and air) already meet today’s codes and standards. It is always much more efficient and practical to have these systems built into a new home rather than upgrade and retrofit existing older systems. Retrofit sometimes involves ripping into the walls, floors, and ceilings to access the critical home systems, which is very inconvenient for some homeowners.

Moreover, some may enjoy paying a visit to the local hardware store to tick off your to-do list when renovating your home. However, for some, it is a nightmare. Buying a new construction home allows you to enjoy your weekends at home after unpacking.


Having gone for new construction outweighs the existing. New construction saves you from upgrading your outdated utility systems and large cash out for retrofitting. Moreover,  new construction gives you the flexibility to customize your home to fit your need and the current design trends. You can check out our newly built home in Clearwater.

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022