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Is obtaining an oversized kitchen island worth it?

Jul 4, 2022

9 min


An ample kitchen space is best paired with furnishing that provides custom homeowners with the most benefit.


Photo: Peter Salerno Inc/IG

The open floor plan concept has been trending for some time, and if you’re one of those homeowners with this style with ample kitchen and dining space, you may want to consider adding an oversized kitchen island. Doing so can help you contain the kitchen space and create a distinct atmosphere from the rest of your custom home’s section.

Aside from helping you with your open floor plan, obtaining an oversized kitchen island can provide more benefits. These benefits will make you realize how having one can be worth it. If you’re interested, let’s proceed and learn some of its benefits.

1. It personalizes your kitchen

Your oversized kitchen island can help express your personality. Simply choose the design that emphasizes the particular style you prefer.

Do you want your kitchen to be stylish and colorful?

An oversized kitchen island is definitely a great way to complement it–especially now that vibrant kitchen cabinets are trending. 

Those who live on the beachfront can leverage their oversized kitchen island to create an illusion of eating in a floating restaurant. They can achieve this by installing the oversized kitchen island near the window walls.

If you want to be minimalist with your kitchen design, an oversized kitchen island will be a great addition. You’ll discover why in a bit. 

Photo by: Traditional Home/IG

2. Great tool to keep the kitchen organized

An oversized kitchen island is a great tool to minimize kitchen furnishings. Aside from being a cooktop, a large kitchen island could serve as a dining table and kitchen sink at the same time. Oversized kitchen islands can be an all-in-one kitchen furnishing that minimalists want. Simply customize it by integrating the functional features you need. List all the features you could think of--more expansive space for preparing the ingredients, cooking or baking space, dishwashing space, or even more cabinetries for your food stocks. An oversized kitchen island can include a large kitchen hood, stacked warming drawers, and a refrigerator.

Photo: Peter Salerno Inc/IG

Once an oversized kitchen island is customized, every skilled household can help and move around the kitchen freely. They can help cut meat, vegetables, and food seasonings, wash dishes and prepare other necessary tasks. With this kitchen island, any cooking task will be lighter and more efficient, saving more time for the host to rest or socialize.

3. Provides more seating spaces for family and friends

The last thing that an oversized kitchen island can provide is, of course, the chance to entertain more people since there are more seating spaces. A regular kitchen island can provide seating space but fewer. An oversized kitchen island is different because it can provide enough seats for your friends and family. Well, the type of kitchen island that has this kind of feature is quite different than the previous style we’ve discussed since this time, the focus is more on entertaining rather than food preparation. Nonetheless, both types give you more reasons to get an oversized kitchen island for your custom home.

Photo: Peter Salerno Inc/IG

An oversized kitchen island can be very much helpful when the right style is chosen. Therefore, custom homeowners should ensure that the functions of their kitchen island are tailored to how they envisioned their goals and home living. If you’re one of those who are considering purchasing or customizing an oversized kitchen island for your custom home, please don’t forget to review why you want to incorporate it. Do you want an oversized kitchen island to personalize your kitchen? Use it as a tool to keep your kitchen organized? Provide more seating spaces for your friends and family? or, all of them? By reviewing these benefits, you will be able to incorporate the oversized kitchen island for your custom home, which will help you know that obtaining one is definitely worth it.


This article was last updated on Jun 16, 2024