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Max is back!

Nov 19, 2021

20 min


Design that resonates with your wildest dreams, vibrant personality, remarkable life journey, and desire for elegance takes the spotlight once again on the most unexpected era we have never imagined. Max is finally back!


2020 paved an incredible year for home renovation and design because government-mandated restrictions kept people from moving from one place to another. As more and more activities were encouraged to be done at home, people began to think of new ways to make their home living meaningful, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Reports published by HomeStars in their 2020 Special Reno Report found that 57% of Canadian homeowners did one or two major projects on home renovations. Commonly sought improvements ranged from bathroom renos to additions and overall structural improvements that maximize living space and make homes more functional, based on the report.  

Most likely, this contributed to the trending interior designs this year that I will share in a little while. Keep reading to get the latest ideas in interior design this year.

Getting back with Max!

The first on our list is the return of the Maximalist -- bold accents, striking patterns, and flashy displays. Well, they weren’t gone at all. They are just around the corner, waiting to get back the spotlight from the rule of minimalism. And that year has finally come! Fast forward to 2021, more homes welcomed layering, texture, pattern, motif, and repetition.

In his statement from the site, The Spaces, Luke Edward Hall, mentioned how maximalist interiors provide an escape -- where one can lose themselves freely. That is probably the reason why more people have learned to love it. It offered a way to express their personality through acceptable forms in a pandemic era.

Mix and Max

Mixing different themes with maximalism is possible! It can be perfectly paired with different themes -- retro, classic, tropical-inspired, all these styles work wonders with Max.

1. Retro and Max

Those with nostalgia could go for retro-styled home designs like the one below.

The achromatic white wall was elevated with eclectic shelves and a sideboard decorated with various retro-style elements like graphic prints, a record player, a rattan basket, plants, and many more. Meanwhile, the eye-catching Victorian carpet on the floor is paired with sofas that perfectly blend with the pillows' purple and blue hues and throw on geometric patterns, giving the entire living room a 1970s vibe.

If you like the vibe that that maximalist retro-styled living room is giving, it's time to display some meaningful compact items on your shelves, buffets, or sideboards. And don't forget to invest in your couches because retro-styled interiors are meant to create a cozy and heartwarming atmosphere.

2. Comics, Pop Art, and Max

While retro seems inviting, not all maximalists may go for it. For some maximalists who find an escape through representational and sequential arts, comics and pop art-inspired rooms could be a good idea.

Aside from featuring the works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, this type of visual art blends incredibly with expressive and bright colors like the scarlet tomato background of the interior above. Meanwhile, notice how contrasting the surrounding decors are. In this style, the mirror, sofa, and pillows are meant to contend with the background to exude peculiar beauty energy. 

If you want to try this type of design, you may consider some more features like good room lighting, vinyl stickers, and furniture with unusual shapes and colors.

3. Gatsby and Max

On the other hand, for those who love the 1920s vibe, art-deco-inspired embellishments, and bold geometric prints, a Great Gatsby-inspired design like the one below is highly recommended.

This type of interior is often characterized by a conspicuous display of wealth and glamour. This Art-Deco-based design utilizes luxurious wood furnishings, accent chairs, sleek, linear, geometric patterns, bold and rich colors to represent youths' exciting and lavish lives in the roaring twenties. If you were captured by the romantic drama that inspired the revival of this 1920 style,  leaning into opulent furnishings and modern designs is advised. 

4. Tropics and Max

Maximalists who love summer getaways all year round may opt for interiors inspired by distant shores. Simply incorporate watercolor paints featuring South Sea Island arts that vary from deep inky tones to soft aqua that give a tranquil vibe. Integrating colors that showcase Hawaiian landscapes can also be considered.


Which among these styles fits your maximalist persona? Retro, Gatsby, Comics and Pop Art, or Tropics?

Are you ready to say "yes" to Max? If yes, then getting the right materials to ensure your home's prepared for this overhaul is highly encouraged. Think about your Dunedin home space. Is it ready for Max? How about your property in Tampa, Clearwater, and Lutz? Do they need some renovations? If you think they are, contact a trusted custom home builder or renovator in your area so you'll not miss this exciting style for your home.

And in case you're currently into building your new home, don't forget to share these thoughts with your general contractor before they finish the planning for your home. :)

This post is the first in our four-part web series about Interior design trends that became popular this year.

This article was last updated on Feb 26, 2024