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Installing This Modern Industrial Fireplace

Jul 16, 2021

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The fireplace is indispensable especially during winter. Make sure yours functions well and doesn't cause any harm to your health.

It is always cozy in the living room watching your favorite Netflix show while the fire is burning on the fireplace. It keeps us warm during the nights when the cold front sweeps in and temperatures start to drop in the winter months.

We complete this stunning residential home in Union Street with an amazing industrial-inspired built-in gas fireplace. I love how it turned out. Here’s how we did it.

Setting up the fireplace

Mark It Up

We first mark the fireplace. From there, we started building the framing of the drywall system. However, we don’t close this up to still have enough room to work with when layout the wirings and installing the vent.

Run The Wirings

Next, we run the electrical wirings and add switches. Sometimes two switches are installed for fireplaces—one switch and wiring for turning the fireplace on or off. And a second switch for an optional fan to blow heat into the area. The second switch is uncommon in Florida. But in colder locations, it’s a must.

Vent It Out

After the wirings, the pipping for the vent is next. The flue expels the toxic fumes and particles that may pollute the air in the living room. Albeit, there are ventless gas fireplaces.

Securing The Unit

We made a 1/2 in. of space between the wood framing and the fireplace on both sides. The extra gap creates an allowance for any discrepancies when fitting in the unit. Screw the metal tabs on the fireplace to the wood frame to secure it.

Finishing the Installation

We finish off the gas fireplace by cladding it with concrete tiles to give a modern industrial look—finally, we utilize the space on the right side by adding shelves. See the completed fireplace.


If you think of having a DIY fireplace installation, keep in mind that the fireplace opening can begin before the fireplace itself has shipped to you. However,  we highly recommend having the appliance on-site to check against before installing the structure. That way, we are 100% sure that the unit will fit in.

Wood vs. Gas vs. Bio-Ethanol vs. Electric

Deciding what kind of fireplace is best for your home may be a daunting question. But here’s a quick comparison:

In Conclusion

Marking the location up the fireplace was easy, but the dirty work comes in when laying out the wirings, installing the vent, and installing the drywall system. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun building this modern industrial-inspired fireplace. If you plan to do a DIY of a built-in fireplace, remember to have the appliance on-site to check if the opening will fit in. Moreover, if you have a hard time choosing which type of fireplace (wood, gas, or electric) to use, it will depend on your priority, budget, and goal.

Do you need to install a modern industrial fireplace with the help of a trusted home builder for your Clearwater, or Tarpon Springs Property in Tampa Bay?

This article was last updated on Aug 8, 2022